What happens at a regular treatment?

Initial consults should be booked for 90mins if you are looking for a full 60min treatment. It is necessary to take a full medical and health history in our initial meeting. If you have particular injury or illness I will assess these and formulate a treatment plan for the session.

Each visit you have we will touch base for the first 5 or so minutes to see how you felt after your last session and set a treatment plan for the current session.

At the conclusion of your treatment if deemed necessary I will provide you with some ‘homejoy’! That may include stretches, exercises and various lifestyle tips and techniques for you to implement between treatments.

Can I claim Health Fund Rebates?

Yes, on this page there is a list of available health funds. If yours is not on here, please ask as my association ANTA is always updating.

I am undergoing cancer treatment, can I have a massage?

YES! Absolutely, I have full qualifications and experience in treating cancer patients, I am happy to speak with your Oncologist in relation to putting together a treatment program for you and more than able to write notes regarding the treatment sessions we have together.

Are there contraindications to Massage Therapy?

Yes, certain conditions do not suit certain therapies. Given my level of training, experience and variety of treatments that I can perform we will be able to tailor something to your particular health status. If in doubt I recommend that you speak with your GP or specialist. This is also something we discuss in your initial consultation.

Are you an accredited practitioner?

Yes, I am a member of:

ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association) http://www.anta.com.au/

CMPAC (Complimentary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council) http://www.cmpac.com.au/

ANRANT (Australia National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists) http://www.anrant.com.au/


Will you come to the hospital and treat me?

Yes, I will visit you in the hospital, provided your doctor/specialist is okay with you receiving treatment. I will even treat you while you are receiving your Chemotherapy treatment.


Do you perform home visits?

Yes, I will come to your home, there will be a travel cost involved depending on where you live.


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