About Your Appointment

Appointment Time – first appointments should be booked for 90 minutes this alllows time for a complete health and medical intake and adequate treatment time, if you have a few presenting issues please book a longer treatment time to allow an effective treatment on all presentations, I really like being able to adequately treat your problems.

Punctuality – please do not arrive late for your treatment, I am unable to extend your treatment time if you are late, leave home with enough time to allow for traffic and parking, arriving flustered for your appointment is not a good way to start, I believe the appointment begins from the first moment you make your booking,  please honour your time and mine and prepare accordingly.

Perfumes and moisturiser – please avoid wearing perfume, with the sensitivity of the patients I treat it can really impact their treatment if there is a hint of perfume in the air after you leave, it also makes my job more unpleasant, moisturiser and fake tan also leave an odour and if you are having Manual Lymphatic Drainage it prevents me being able to adequately move your skin resulting in not as an effective treatment.

Sickness – please contact me to reschedule your appointment as soon as you know you or a family member (whom is contagious) has an illness, again due to the very delicate nature of the patients I treat with weakened immune systems it could be very detrimental if a bug was picked up for them. I am also unable to work if I get sick and thats no good for anyone! Its a two way street you dont want me treating you when I am unwell, nor do you want to walk into a treatment room where the last patient was carrying a bug so please do reschedule if you are unwell.

Reschedules – yes they happen and life happens, please do let me know as soon as you can if you need to reschedule, I often have a waiting list of patients wanting an appointment so please do not leave it to reschedule until you receive your reminder text message from me, who knows one day it could be you wanting that urgent appointment, I pride myself on having a fabulous relationship with my patients and certainly do not want to head down the cancellation fee route, generally if you no show or reschedule late on a regular basis I will prioritise other patients ahead of you.

Feedback – it is really valuable to me, perhaps you dont like the music or you are too cold, pressure is too little or too much, please let me know, I will never be offended and I want you to get your money and times worth from your treatment.

Confirmation Messages – you will always receive a confirmation text message, please reply so I know you are coming (and remember if you need to reschedule let me know ASAP dont wait for the confirmation text to do so)


60 minute treatments are $100.00

90 minute treatments are $150.00

120 minute treatments are $200.00

Bandaging, compression garments and lymph tape is at an extra cost depending on your individual requirements, this will always be discussed with you prior to your treatment

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